Part 7


Wow. I can’t believe I didn’t woohoo for a full 24 hours.  I must remedy that right now.  Meet Leila Jade, she’s new in town and I believe she’s knocked up already.

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Part 6

I probably don’t have to tell you why I veered away from home and went to the bar instead.


I’m trying to forget the two criminals who tag teamed me.  I met a whole slew of new people, but I can’t lock on to which one I’m attracted too.  *pokes my stupid moodlet without a sim name attached*

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Part 4

Merc’s Mission started on Cupid’s 31st update and last until the 33rd, when he completed his LTW and married Steve in a private ceremony.

For numbering continuity, this is update 4 for Merc.


Posted Image

Well, I guess you can say my dad and Steve have officially consummated their wedding about 50 times.  I’m just glad they haven’t starved to death and died.

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